Life is a constant flow of changes

It has been a while since my last post on the blog and I can’t say how much I regret the long interval between my “London Adventure” and this scruffy little post here. There has been so much going on with my life that I had to put everything sort of on hold but not anymore.

Today I’m posting from the Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, where I am working as an intern in the International Relations Office. Since those days I spent in the city of Sherlock Holmes, I quit my work – as a journalist – and I embarked in a new adventure abroad: my personal Spanish Reconquista.

Last time I lived in Spain [in Granada to be precise, a beautiful jewel in the enchanting Andalusia] I was an Erasmus student and I was in the middle of my Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures for Publishing. The last thing I remember about that year – 2012 – are 48 amazing and crazy hours I spent with some friends at the Carnival in Cadiz, then I know the next day I was going to the University to start the second semester…but I never got there. I had an accident and from there on things took a completely different turn from the course I had so diligently planned for years.

But enough about that, the main topic is the Reconquista and I am no whiner. This year I stumbled across a great opportunity of working abroad and I decided to take it, also because I needed a change, I wanted a change both in pace and in surroundings. So I embarked on this journey to the land of Don Quijote, chasing my own personal windmills, and found so much more.

The first apartment I lived in was located in the barrio of Malvarrosa and I had to admit things didn’t go well. My roommate had a nasty experience with some “hungry” bedbugs, so we decided to move. It took me a while to find another place, but my current living situation is such an improvement that the wait had been totally worth it: my apartment in La Petxina is great and the neighborhood is beautiful – and really close to the city center, I can just walk to the Ciutat Vella in no time.

As for the work…that’s an entirely different topic. The most notable thing to point out is that the office I’m working right now is great, you can breathe an air of cooperation and fun in this environment that no matter how tiresome the chores are, you find the willingness to do them. The job is challenging: I have to work with Incoming International students and they often miss the chance to be prepared when it comes to the documents they have to present or the questions and forms they need to fill or the deadlines they must meet…but they are young, they are still studying and they have time to learn how to do things right.

Ah, I almost forgot…in the middle of all this I am also translating another book written by one of my authors, but that’s the topic for another post, so…



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